New page Maintenance... Up in 2020!

Extremely sorry for all the delays!

We have had this domain for 18 years now! So we thought it was time to really work on it! We are building a new Music-Studio where Starmoods Europe will be out front. When we acquired the domain, it was a tribute to Jonn Serrie and his music, and the intention was that we would sell electronic music and spread some Shi in Europe mainly!

Now 18 years have passed and we choose to move on with our own music and new interesting artists. We will work as a Foundation, so that everyone with their heads full of tones and lyrics can get a chance, even without money. And If you can, PLEASE Support our music cause!

Starmoods Studio Europe at GoFundMe

Please follow on Twitter for ongoing info!

Come back soon and see how it goes...
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